An ‘Easter Egg’ of Schlock AKA Slayer AKA the Quantum Mechanic is hidden in each of the five* four stories where he is not officially present.

It may be Schlock’s shadow, his figure or his symbol.

An eagle-eyed reader sent us Schlock’s mark in the image below. This is a good example of a Schlock ‘Easter Egg’ spotted in the wild.

Schlock's mark spotted in the wild by a reader
Will you join the Search For Schlock? Seekers will find him in Hellbreaker*, SF1, Jurassic Punx, Xecutioners and Fu-tant.


We are giving away a Spacewarp t-shirt to the first THREE readers who find Schlock.


It’s a good question. If you have read Sfeer & Loathing you will already know that The Warp Lords may cause a wave function collapse if they observe Schlock repairing the damage they have caused to Infinite Earths.

Consequently, the Quantum Mechanic prefers to operate in secret.

His work includes dismantling humans who are beyond repair, saving victims of the Warp and selecting and training humans to be Cosmic Enforcers.

Slayer also collects ancestral debts for the ‘sins of the fathers’. This is described on a personal, family and national level in the Epigenetics section of The Quantum Mechanic’s Galactic Handbook.

The Handbook strongly advises that Mechanics work behind the scenes wherever possible. This helps prevent ‘Messiah Syndrome’: where humans turn to the Mechanics for leadership.

Mechanics believe sentient species should take control of their own lives, be their own leaders, and decide their own destiny.

Slayer, like many Mechanics, will sometimes leave his symbol on a repair job. Or he may be seen, barely visible above the Quantum level, secretly observing humans.

how to enter

When you find ALL FIVE* FOUR SCHLOCKS, send us details of where you observed him.

For example:

Jurassix Punx. Page Two. Picture Two. Slayer is watching in the background from one of the boarded-up windows.

(He’s not, of course. That would be foolish of us to give you one for free).

Email us your entries at with the subject heading:


Make sure you list where SCHLOCK is in each of the five* four stories:

  1. Fu-tant
  2. Hellbreaker*
  3. Jurassic Punx
  4. SF1
  5. Xecutioners


The first three correct entries received will win a FREE Spacewarp t-shirt.

Don’t forget to tell us what colour and size of t-shirt you want! Check out the t-shirt options in our shop.

This offer is restricted to readers in the United Kingdom and Europe. Sorry!

Don’t post your observations on Facebook, Twitter or other social media because the Warp Lords may be watching and they could cause a wave function collapse!

Should this happen, the advice given in the Quantum Mechanic’s Galactic Handbook is:

Stay Calm. Do not adjust your Reality. Ride the Wave!

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*It is true that originally, Schlock was spotted in all five stories. Mysteriously, he has now disappeared from Hellbreaker. We believe this is due to the DIA (Department of Infernal Affairs) and their investigation of what they call a ‘sinister interloper from another reality’. Under these circumstances, we gather Schlock, AKA Slayer, has withdrawn to another dimension.

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