We asked readers 17 and younger to review Spacewarp and tell us what they liked or didn’t like about our comic. The prizes for our three winners are original pieces of art by Ian Ashcroft, the Hellbreaker artist. 

Win Hellbreaker Art

We value younger readers’ feedback especially because entire generations of youthful readers have been lost to comics when they started to ‘grow up’. As comics were originally designed for all ages – and young people in particular – that’s something we want to try and put right.

Thanks to Theo, Kai and Paris for your very thoughtful reviews below. There’s a lot there for us to think about. Ian’s artwork will be winging its way to you shortly.

Many thanks to Ian Ashcroft for generously supplying the art prizes!

Do keep your feedback coming.  We love to know what you think about Spacewarp and whether you would agree or disagree with our reviewers.


I like how each story has its own significant ending, but all of them link together in some way

My favourite story was Fu-tant because I like books set in the future and/or in space, I also like that the good guys are kind of working for the power crazy villain until he can save his friends.

I just like time travelling and dinosaurs and stuff so I really enjoyed Jurassic Punx.

Sadly my least favourite story was Hellbreaker because it just takes a while to realise what’s going on.

Another least favourite would be Xecutioner for the same reason my dad didn’t like it. There’s just too much to find out 

I would buy Spacewarp. After reading all of that, I think a lot of people who are fans of 2000AD storiessuch as Major Eazy, Rogue Trooper, Strontium Dog and Judge Dredd will love Spacewarp

I would definitely show Spacewarp to my friends. A lot of my friends play Fortnite (a shooter game) and like reading about guns and fights!


Jurassic Punx

It has busy artwork and a really well-done apocalyptic atmosphere. I feel like the world is gritty and the character and the world reminds me of Bill Savage and the Volgan occupation of England story from 2000 AD (One of my favourites).

The dinosaur designs and art are cool and the idea they brought a virus with them makes the dinosaurs a whole lot deadlier. I liked the characters as well, and the idea of a ‘smart gun’.

Another thing that made me laugh was the obliviousness of Joe Megiddo to the modern world and his assumptions based on their names.


Well. This gave me nightmares.

Wait, I need to write more than that? Fine. SF1 is very interesting, I liked the story and the pseudoscience behind it, and the fact a council literally took away humanity’s human rights because the bacteria made up more of them then they made up of themselves is pretty ironic I feel.

Unfortunately, in this story it’s harder to read as the art is very busy and the fact it’s black and white doesn’t help.

I like the idea of the Viraks for this story as it matches with the kind of gory thriller atmosphere of the story. The Viraks (Or rather what they were based off) were creepy enough alone, but them being huge and then cause the host to FRICKING EXPLODE adds a bunch to the Viraks.

The gene pools and how they regress beings is also cool.

The story kind of gives the impression they are in a strange world where cells and viruses are huge and deadly.

Probably one of my favourites so far.


By far my favourite Spacewarp story yet, I love the art, the Slayer and Cosmic Law.

Another thing I like is the Warp Knights and the zealotry they have around their religion. I again like how it’s based on the Puritan reign with the Lord Protector and the witch phobia and the ‘one true faith’.

Slayer panel by Pat Mills Ian Ashcroft

The ship designs I love and I feel are very similar to Warhammer 40k which also has a very similar atmosphere. I feel its only shortcoming is how few panels there were.

The design of the Slayer is also another thing I take to. Even in black and white it looks very shiny and does well to show it’s a robot.

One thing that confused me though was the council bit at the end, where did he go to? How did he get there, who are they? But apart from that I enjoyed it a lot.


I liked the comic on the whole.

I liked how all the characters were interconnected between the different stories.

I loved the way the characters interacted with each other in Xecutioner. The Xecutioner story and artwork is cool!

Hellbreaker – I loved the story and the artwork. The art was particularly cool.  I found the story really interesting. I loved the different (lettering) fonts for the different characters.

Hellbreaker pg3 Panel Ian Ashcroft

The story I liked least, storywise, was Fu-tant – the one that has Warpstar Academy on the front page because there is a lot of exposition in it. However, as I read the other stories, I felt it was necessary. I loved the idea of the Fu-tants. The way that they have different powers and can’t all control them. I also really liked the artwork in this one.

SF1 – I liked the story but this one had my least favourite artwork. It was old fashioned, like my Dad’s old comics. However, I loved the story. I liked that it is all revenge driven and everyone has a different, damaged backstory. And it is cool because it is really gruesome.

Slayer – I loved the Witch Alien and Schlock the Robot. I loved the (lettering) fonts for the characters and really enjoyed the story. I liked that Schlock feels mercy for the humans.

Jurassic Punx –  I liked the girl time-traveller Dada. I thought her look is super cool and liked that she is confident and powerful. She knows what she wants and what she’s doing and she will get it done.

Some of the characters would be cool to cosplay especially Dada from Jurassic Punx and Anton De La Rue from Hellbreaker

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