Two amazing covers here from Mike Donaldson, who also drew the final wraparound cover for Spacewarp, coloured by Gareth Sleightholme.

Colour image of Koda, the Fu-tant hero, running towards us with a sinister alien Mantid behind him.

We love both of these covers and there will be some readers who will say we should have gone for one of these, rather than our final choice.  It was certainly a close run thing!

We went with our final choice because we want Spacewarp to be as accessible to as many readers as possible. This includes readers who are unfamiliar with comics and may be picking up a comic for the first time.

But we love the colours that Mike has chosen here. There’s a real pop-art flavour to them that looks very different to anything else out there. Our original plan was to go for this ‘neon’ colour palette.  I think it’s something we could well come back to.

And is it just us, but is there a touch of the fantastic artist Mike McMahon in the black and white action scene? Mike D– like all the Spacewarp artists – has something really special going for him and it’s going to be challenging and exciting choosing the right cover for Spacewarp Phase 2!

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