Philip Vaughan commissioned his students at De Montfort University to illustrate a Fu-tant story that I wrote specially for them.

The series was created by myself and Fu-tant artist Mike Donaldson. Two students’ work was particularly outstanding.

The first was by artist BOGOMIL KOLAKOV, below. Bogomil, you really should have signed your work! Otherwise I have no criticisms to make! I think it’s terrific!

My feeling is his style has a touch of Manga, but is much clearer, e.g. detailed, more value for money. And it’s clearly aimed at the lost youth market, which is what SPACEWARP is all about. My script was pretty demanding, deliberately so, not least because younger readers like busy stories, rather than taking 22 pages to say the same thing, and Bogomil has handled it effortlessly.

Believe me, some professionals would have found it harder and depicted it with less energy and enthusiasm, but then that may be down to the crappy money they often get in the UK which can dampen even the most talented. So new talent like Bogomil is always to be encouraged because they haven’t been crushed by the system. I’m serious – that IS how it works in comics a lot of the time.

Special thanks to Phil for making this happen. I know how hard that must be – for every talent like Bogomil, there will be others who didn’t get it right, and that can often be dispiriting. So thank you, Phil for facilitating new talent. It was worth it for this one comic star alone. If I was further ahead of the game, I’d definitely be looking to find Bogomil further work on another story. Alas, I’m not! Damn! So I’m hoping some one else (good & reputable) will snap him up. Assuming he’s up for it. I will mention him to the guys at SHIFT.

And even more special thanks to Mike, who provides such a brilliant basis for other artists to follow. Without his magnificent characterisation of Drogeda – the evil headmaster – and the world of Fu-tant, no student would have had anything to draw on. Thanks, Mike! I’m looking forward to returning to Fu-tant with you in the future. Love to know what everyone else thinks of this four pager ????!!! and also the NEXT version by another student (see below) which is VERY different indeed!

And here’s a very different version of the four-page new SPACEWARP FU-TANT story specially written for students at De Montfort University.

This one is by ALEX SALTER. Excellent work, Alex, clearly aimed at an older age group. It’s dark, mysterious, sinister! There was an era in comics – notably Marvel Epic comics – where this atmospheric work was especially sought after. And that may still be the case: I’m not up to speed on current adult comics.

For Spacewarp (if we had colour) it would need to be a bit more accessible, but what impresses me is how heartfelt your work is. That’s what matters, the rest can be acquired.

Once again, really welcome readers’ thoughts!

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