FB Live: celebrating the launch!

Pat Mills, Spacewarp writer and his publisher wife Lisa, embarked on a mammoth hour and a half live session on Facebook Spacewarp last night (Friday 31 July).

They raised a glass or two to the the super-talented artists who made Spacewarp possible, and of course to the fans, who have been so supportive of the project.

They also announced the winner and two runners-up of the Doc Zot competition! The lucky winner will be the proud owner of this signed original Slayer art, by artist creator James Newell:

Slayer original artwork by James Newell
Competition prize: Slayer original art by James Newell

The two runners-up each win a Spacewarp t-shirt! Check out our t-shirts and more merch in our online store.

Pat also talked about creator rights, working with the Spacewarp artists, and gave a few anecdotes from the arcane world of comics publishing…

If you haven’t already done so, grab your copy of Spacewarp here, then settle down and have a watch. Apologies for the slight ‘we-don’t-know-what-we’re-doing-quality!’

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