Schlock ‘n Aargh! The cover is here!

We are fizzing with excitement! We get to share the front cover of SPACEWARP with you!


What a beauty!

Our cover stars are (clockwise from the front):

1. Koda – Schoolboy with mutant superpowers. Blackmailed into doing bad stuff by his headmaster to save his best friends from being murdered.

2. Bad Dog – Special Forces 1 soldier fighting the Viraks invasion on behalf of humanity. Well, what remains of it, anyway.

3. Schlock – The repair robot with a big problem with authority figures – and genocidal maniacs.

4. Dada – Just your average 1970s, time-travelling punk Scouser.

The talent behind the cover:

Mike Donaldson (Fu-tant) on pencils.

Gareth Sleightholme (Xecutioners) on colour.

Art editor Vince Hunt designed the masthead, based on an original design by Margarita Mustafina.

There’s more! The print edition of Spacewarp has a wraparound cover, so we have more amazing art to show you guys. We’ll be sharing that with you in a couple of weeks.

When is Spacewarp out?

We’ve pushed back our publication date for a couple of reasons.  The comic has grown a lot from its first concept: we’ve added some special bonus material, and some of the stories have extended by a page or two. So the entire comic has grown physically and thematically!

We will do a digital release this summer. Probably early July. We had planned to do print and digital together, but due to the ‘rona we can’t have the proper flesh bags launch party (or two) that Spacewarp deserves, with signings and sketches, banter and a few drinkies.

So we’ll launch the print edition in the autumn, and partaay!

You’ve been really supportive of our ambitious project so we want to say a big THANKSfor your patience!

Let us know what you think about the #spacewarp cover. We want to hear from you!

Over and out!


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