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The Xtra-Terrestrials physically possess, mentally control, or direct people in power. Normally, they physically possess a human vessel from conception and birth, but remain hidden at a quantum level. They may also take over a suitable target – a ‘walk-in’ – later in life.

To facilitate their control and ensure their rapid promotion to a position of power, the XT boosts dopamine in humans’ brains so humans feel happy and at peace in the alien’s presence.

These human ‘dopes’ can become addicted to the chemical and this leads to Sirius Syndrome – ‘Loving the Alien’ – whereby they lose their judgment and free will – with catastrophic results.

The Xecutioners’ task is to identify and terminate the XTs before they destroy the United Moons of Saturn, just as they destroyed Earth.

The XTs cannot be reasoned with because they’re predators and their ultimate object is always to kill, just like any other predator.

They use Quantum Deepfake technology to create ‘perpetual deception’. This includes Charisma Filters – so they appear charming and appealing to their human subjects.

Scientists state that an object does not exist until it is observed. The Xecutioners’ mask provides that quantum cognition. Then the alien – hiding at the quantum level of reality – is forced to appear. This process is called the Schrödinger Test.

The Xecutioners use two different quantum lens systems in their masks to cross-reference and reveal their target.



A warrant has to be issued for a target to take the Schrödinger Test and there must always be sufficient grounds to justify it because the Xecutioners scan a target’s body at the quantum level.

The following are indicators that the target may be an XT, but there may still be other innocent explanations.

The Xecutioners therefore proceed with great care.



  • The crime itself. A corporate crime involving the pollution of the environment, mass poisoning of consumers, death or enslavement of workers – with an indifferent response by the corporation – are indications that this may be the work of the XTs. Religious fanaticism, the desire to start wars, and other forms of oppression are also grounds for suspicion that XTs are responsible.
  • The Uncanny Valley effect. Despite the XTs charisma filters, perceptive humans may still intuitively sense a person does not ‘seem right’. Xecutioners are trained to spot this Uncanny Valley effect. Part of their training is to disregard humans who have had extensive cosmetic surgical enhancement, which can also produce the Uncanny Valley effect.
  • Talking on Loop. Endlessly repeating sentences – usually meaningless clichés, can be a sign of possession or control. Saying a lot of words, without actually saying very much. Relying on bluster or the use of obscure cultural references to overwhelm the listener.
  • Diverting attention. Commonly, when a corporation, leader or organization is criticized for their crimes. The target will respond defensively, ‘But we do so much good in the world.’ When pressed, the target may not know what good they do in the world. Or refer vaguely to money the organization gives to charity. Doing ‘good works for charity’ is a common method the XTs use to divert suspicion from themselves. For this reason, billionaire philanthropists are automatically placed on the Xecutioners suspect list.

Note: The Diverting attention response is also used by ‘dopes’ (see above), and is therefore not an immediate cause for Xecution. Xecutioner surveillance is recommended.

  • XTs do not see themselves as individuals. They are ‘neither one nor many’ and this was originally the case with humans, too. Hence human tribal societies where members barely saw themselves as individuals. An XT may target an entire family as vessels to occupy and has been known to make mistakes directing the wrong family member to do its bidding. So unusual behaviour in a family may be an indication of XT possession.

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Back in the late 1980s I was invited to observe some UFOs by a group that was in contact with them. I was sceptical but curious and so, one wintry day, I travelled to the group’s home city to observe them. If they existed, I expected to see Steven Spielberg CE3K UFOs.


Big Jobs – dinosaur dung. Also Number Threes.
Blurter – an Idiot who makes a noise, alerting a predator.
Cordon Blues – short-tempered or depressed as a result of City imprisonment.


Joe Megiddo’s theory that dinosaurs actually disappeared thousands or even million of years before the famous asteroid struck the Earth 66 million years ago is based on a scientific theory that is known in our reality.


We Humans are the Force for Good in the Galaxy. We want to reach out and be a friend and partner to all Alien races helping them to inhabit sovereign, prosperous and stable planets. That is our Destiny.

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