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Big Jobs – dinosaur dung. Also Number Threes.

Blurter – an Idiot who makes a noise, alerting a predator.

Cordon Blues – short-tempered or depressed as a result of City imprisonment.

Fan Day – The Day the Warp struck.  From ‘when it all hit the fan’.

Final Frontier – the cordon around Liverpool.

Gok – ‘God only knows’. A Dinosaur not described in paleontology books.

Grid Lock –  A gag.

Infectorem Rex – Nickname for T Rex. It’s widely believed T Rexes, with their bacteria-coated teeth, brought the virus with them.

J. Juice.  ‘Jurassic Juice’ – fermented juice from a colonising plant.  It has strange effects on those who drink it.

Kojak – A Pachycephalosaurus. A bald-headed Dinosaur known for its head-butting.

Made Up Time – The era before Fan Day.

Off grid. – Getting intoxicated  by drinking J. Juice.

Old Grey Whistle Test –  A ‘star kicker’, using decoy music to distract Dinosaurs.

Paddy’s Wigwam – Liverpool Cathedral.

Razor Head Rex  – a species of male Rex that perches on top of tall buildings like the Wigwam.  It is thought it does this to locate and impress female Rexes during  the mating season.

Schtum Bum – a person who wears their gag all the time.

Show Time – the era after Fan Day.

Speakeasy –  a Refuge with mattresses against all the walls.

Swerve Zone – an area to avoid.

Three Bagger –  A large predator like a T Rex. One bag over the head is not enough to control the fear of being eaten by it.

Virtue Signaller – Someone who refuses to speak and only communicates with sign language.

Warpwear – outfit which includes Dinosaur skins.

West World – whatever weird world now lies on the other side of the Warp.  

Bonus Material

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Back in the late 1980s I was invited to observe some UFOs by a group that was in contact with them. I was sceptical but curious and so, one wintry day, I travelled to the group’s home city to observe them. If they existed, I expected to see Steven Spielberg CE3K UFOs.


XTs boosts dopamine in humans’ brains so humans feel happy and at peace in the alien’s presence.

These human ‘dopes’ can become addicted to the chemical and this leads to Sirius Syndrome – ‘Loving the Alien’ – whereby they lose their judgment and free will – with catastrophic results.


Joe Megiddo’s theory that dinosaurs actually disappeared thousands or even million of years before the famous asteroid struck the Earth 66 million years ago is based on a scientific theory that is known in our reality.


We Humans are the Force for Good in the Galaxy. We want to reach out and be a friend and partner to all Alien races helping them to inhabit sovereign, prosperous and stable planets. That is our Destiny.

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