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May 5 2020

Following the Warp opening the portal between Earth and Hell, there was indeed a mass breakout from Dis, Capital City of Hell.

Most Infernals are currently held in the Orwell Internment Camps near Ipswich, Suffolk, pending their repatriation to Hell as soon as order has been restored there.

Meanwhile, DIA officers continue to apprehend other Infernals who have escaped the cordons and are pretending to be alive. We estimate 50,000 have succeeded despite our use of heat detectors, surveillance drones and roadblocks on major roads around the Portal.

De La Rue, the Cosmic Assassin, continues to evade capture, following his assassination of the British Prime Minister at Chequers.

It is thought that following Richter’s body regeneration and release from custody, he may have made contact with De La Rue again. The tracer we placed on his body has been neutralized and it is feared the two of them are planning a new assassination of a leading public figure whom De La Rue will falsely claim has broken ‘Cosmic Law’, a legal system we do not recognize

Despite our strict orders to the media to present De La Rue as a murderous and vile criminal, the public continues to see the Infernal as a hero. His followers on Instagram have recently increased to 3.5 million.

The current position in Hell.

The Ultors tell us that despite the mass prison breakout and escape to Earth, hundreds of thousands of prisoners remain in their cells. Some because they have been imprisoned for centuries and regard Hell as their home. They fear the outside world and have become used to burning for all Eternity. It is no longer agonizing for them, despite the best efforts of the Ultors.

Other prisoners feel they deserve their punishments and have made no attempt to escape. A typical example is Stephanie Volinger, De La Rue’s girlfriend in Hell. She feels she needs to be punished forever for her offences trafficking controlled substances on Earth. It is for this reason she did not escape with De La Rue and Richter.

But thousands more Category A prisoners are currently rioting and trying to break out of their prison blocks. The Ultors are having great difficulty maintaining their lockdown, despite their sophisticated weaponry and riot control methods


It is clear from his interview with Richter, that DS Asquith should be dismissed from the force and face criminal charges for his actions. He has previously faced a number of disciplinary charges for his ‘old school’ methods in dealing with prisoners. These were left on file due to the demands of the Emergency.

However, there is no doubt that in fighting the Infernals, his methods have proved invaluable. He gets results. 

It was DS Asquith, for instance, who apprehended and blew off Richter’s head, preventing him from regenerating.


This officer has courageously and effectively led her team against the Infernals. No blame can be attached to her for failing to save the Prime Minister. She uses a very different skill set to DS Asquith and has achieved excellent (and legal) results.

She has also seen De La Rue close up and may be able to identify him again, despite his warp device.

Nevertheless, studying  video of her encounter with the Cosmic Assassin, our body language experts believe she may have subconsciously succumbed to what is sometimes referred to as De La Rue’s ‘devilish attraction’ and which may account for his following on Instagram.

Notably, the Ultors tell us DI McNeal bears a striking resemblance to De La Rue’s girlfriend in Hell, Stephanie Volinger.

We suspect from his body language that De La Rue is also attracted to DI McNeal – although this could just be part of his demonic persona. However, we may be able to use this ‘attraction’ in a future sting operation to apprehend him and return him to Hell.


DI Officers are required to urgently visit the Ultors in Hell for intel gathering to learn more about the Cosmic Assassin from inmates and how he can best be apprehended.

DI McNeal is clearly the right choice, but the Ultors have insisted that DS Asquith accompany her. It seems the Ultors are admirers of DS Asquith because his way of dealing with Infernals most closely resembles their own. 

Given the current Emergency, we have no choice but to agree to their request. However it is recognized that many of the Category A rioters in Hell are prisoners DS Asquith arrested when they were alive. Many claimed at the time that they were ‘fitted up’ by DS Asquith.  A revenge attack by them could result in the deaths of both DS Asquith and DI McNeal.

It is currently unclear what happens to ‘living’ humans if they are killed in Hell.

Both officers have expressed extreme reluctance to work with each other. DI McNeal because she strongly disapproves of his unorthodox methods. And DS Asquith is not impressed by a new generation of ‘millennial’ police officers like DI McNeal.

We have pointed out to DS Asquith the alternative if he does not comply, and he has therefore agreed to accompany DI McNeal to Hell.

We will report in due course on the outcome of their visit to Dis, capital city of Hell.


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Back in the late 1980s I was invited to observe some UFOs by a group that was in contact with them. I was sceptical but curious and so, one wintry day, I travelled to the group’s home city to observe them. If they existed, I expected to see Steven Spielberg CE3K UFOs.


XTs boosts dopamine in humans’ brains so humans feel happy and at peace in the alien’s presence.

These human ‘dopes’ can become addicted to the chemical and this leads to Sirius Syndrome – ‘Loving the Alien’ – whereby they lose their judgment and free will – with catastrophic results.


Big Jobs – dinosaur dung. Also Number Threes.
Blurter – an Idiot who makes a noise, alerting a predator.
Cordon Blues – short-tempered or depressed as a result of City imprisonment.


Joe Megiddo’s theory that dinosaurs actually disappeared thousands or even million of years before the famous asteroid struck the Earth 66 million years ago is based on a scientific theory that is known in our reality.


We Humans are the Force for Good in the Galaxy. We want to reach out and be a friend and partner to all Alien races helping them to inhabit sovereign, prosperous and stable planets. That is our Destiny.

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