Ian Ashcroft

In June 2019 I sat down and started to produce artwork based on the new project Pat Mills was putting together: a friend of mine had told me about Spacewarp and I was immediately drawn to the script for “Hellbreaker”. I loved the characters and the general concept. 

After producing a short animation of the main character, De La Rue, I drew and submitted page 7 of the script. Pat responded soon after and I was given the opportunity to co-create “Hellbreaker”!

My time illustrating “Hellbreaker” has been an incredible education. Pat is not only a wonderful writer, he and his wife Lisa are also phenomenal editors. Throughout the project Pat guided, encouraged and moulded my approach. These “Hellbreaker” pages were a joy to develop and I hope that enjoyment transfers to the readers.

I have also created work for Accent UK producing the art work for “Kia Wordsmith”, written by Dave West. I have collaborated with a number of other writers on comic anthologies including Tony Esmond, Gary Crutchley and Colin Clayton. Outside of comics have produced the album cover art for New York hardcore punk band Regulate.

You can find more of my work on Instagram: @ian.ashcroft.art


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Hellbreaker Time-lapse sketch

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It’s great that a national newspaper should give such excellent coverage to us. At the time of writing, there’s further interest from national media in the pipeline.

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